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    First Home Owners Grant increasing to $15k for 2017!

    January 17, 2017 6:48 am Published by
    jardim property

    First home buyers purchasing newly built properties will now have access to a $15,000 First Home Owners Grant until 31 December 2017.  This provides a great stepping stone for first home buyers in affordability to get themselves into their very own home. As with the existing grant, the boost payment applies to new homes up to the value of $750,000 (or up to one million dollars if the home is located north of the 26th parallel).  Sciano Heights Success, which... View Article

    How to Maximise your Selling Price

    January 9, 2017 9:16 am Published by
    How to maximise your selling price

    We see it time and time and that only once owners decide to sell that only then do they finally get around to doing the odd the jobs around the home that they’ve been putting off for years. Painting the eaves, replacing the broken fence panel, ceiling paint that is flaking, redoing the paving that sinking in spots are just a few of the tasks that get added to the list…… I’ll do that one day! The little jobs will costs... View Article