Jardim Property has been established since 2005, we’ve been busy helping property investors find the best properties to invest in, project manage and develop these projects and finally turn these investments into cash in the bank for our clients!

At Jardim, we pride ourselves in the ease with which we can take the headaches associated with subdividing and developing away from our clients and investor partners.

We do this by simply being in control and managing each step of the project from beginning to end for them. From the very first feasibility study all the way to the final sale, our team ensures a successful and relatively stress-free experience for all involved.

Our Clients gain advantage also by having a network of the best professionals in Western Australia assist us when required in the project we undertake.

Not only does our experience in developing and subdividing property allow us to anticipate problems before they happen but it also gives us the edge of determining an effective solution before any unnecessary expenses are incurred.

We’re acutely aware of how holding costs eat into profit margins, so we act quickly and efficiently driving each project to a quality finish.

When it comes to investing, our team has dealt with all aspects of it, including raising capital, property development, consulting and even project management.

This makes our knowledge and experiences some of the most highly sought after in Australia.

Depending on your property and your investment objectives, we can help you with each phase of your development.

Property acquisition, re-zoning, subdividing, local council building codes, civil and building plans, construction and marketing are just some of the areas we can help to structure a strategy.

Here are some other areas we can help you with…

  • We can research and find the best property for your investment
  • We can assess your current properties for possibilities of development
  • We can conduct due diligence and investigations for costing and profitability (so you know what the development actually costs and how much profit you can make!)
  • We can provide development feasibility studies and current market sales appraisals for the proposed development.
  • We can provide civil and building quotes for the development.
  • We can provide advice, lawful use and compliance on proposed developments.
  • We can work with town planners, engineers and government bodies to ensure the property can be developed
  • We can develop the land to achieve it’s maximum potential and finally
  • We can even assist you in selling the properties so you get maximum return on investment (ROI)

So if you are looking…

  • for potential properties which deliver maximum value for your investment,
  • to develop, subdivide or improve the value of your existing property,
  • for someone to project manage your property development,
  • to sell so you can get the maximum return on investment and build an investment portfolio OR even
  • Reduce the risk in subdividing or developing.

We CAN help you.

So if this is you, fill in your details below and send us a quick email to book a NON OBLIGATIONAL appointment with our team to undercover what your wanting to achieve and how we can make it happen.

We look forward to speaking to you real soon.