Investors VIP Club


vip-groupJardim Property offers the opportunity to invest in small to large property developments to suit your investment criteria.

Owning an investment property is easier than you may think. It’s a matter of finding the right property and surrounding yourself with a team of property experts, to guide, support and motivate you throughout the process.

Being part of the Jardim VIP Investor Group presents you with a wealth of knowledge at your fingers tips but more importantly gives you access to opportunities that you would never ever know about if you weren’t in the “purple circle”.

  • Opportunities to invest your hard earnt money into thriving projects before they hit the open market.
  • Opportunities to sell your investment opportunities to our VIP list.

Whether you’re a first time investor, developer or are well experienced in the field, being part of a VIP group simply connects you to the underground world of property development. Investors who simply wish to see a great return on their investment with no involvement in the project or a Owner developer who is looking to achieve maximum return on their project…… we’ve got you both covered.

In our group we share with you tips, ideas and strategies that only the big boys play with! You’ll receive notifications of available projects with completed feasibility reports for your easy review process, so you don’t waste time and miss out on golden opportunities.

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