Project Management

So You Own a Development Property – What’s Next?

Subdividing and developing has been proven time and time again as one of the most profitable ways in creating the best return on investment.

We also understand it can be a nerve-wracking experience fraught with unforeseen pitfalls and government bureaucracy.

What’s the Zoning and what does it really mean?

How can you get the most from your Development?

What could or should you do with it?

Are you going to make any money?


We can hear all these and more going through your mind and totally expected as this is a big exercise that needs to be approached correctly right from the beginning otherwise it can turn into a nightmare. Whether your looking to create a 4 unit site, Building a residential community or a multi-use high-rise, it can and will seem impossible.

Where Here to Help!

At Jardim Property, we take the headaches, fear, frustration and most importantly the UNKNOWN away from our clients by managing each step of the project for them.

From the very first feasibility study all the way to the final sale, our team of development consultants ensures a successful and relatively stress-free experience. We gain advantage by having a network of the best professionals in Western Australia. Our experience in developing property allows us to anticipate problems before they happen and determine a solution before unnecessary expenses are incurred.

We’re acutely aware that holding costs eat into profit margins so we act quickly and efficiently driving each project to a quality finish.

Jardim deals with all aspects of the project management process necessary to transform property from undeveloped land into developed and titled lots ready for sale to the public. This includes the coordination of all necessary planning, environmental, landscaping, earthworks and engineering consultants and contractors to maximise the potential profits of each project. In addition to assessing, recommending and engaging specialist consultants Jardim deals directly with relevant government authorities to ensure our projects are developed in the shortest possible timeframes.

Jardim also acts as project manager for sitting landowners who may have held their land for some time and who prefer to develop and realize development super profits, rather than sell their land to developers.

Want to find out more how you can have expert team working with you, simply fill in your details below and send us a message. One of our friendly team will be in touch within 24 hours.