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It’s NOT only banks who can assist you with Borrowing

May 24, 2018 3:03 am Published by

With all the banks under heavy scrutiny at present we thought it would be a good time to share with you an alternative lending option that you can consider.   HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A KEYSTART LOAN?  “The tight lending policies by the finance sector has left a number of Western Australians unable to get a loan,” said Keystart Chairman, Glyn Yates.  The aim of the Keystart Home Loan scheme is to make home ownership affordable for everyone, so you don’t need to... View Article

Which Developer Are You?

May 10, 2018 4:03 am Published by

When people talk about property development I see that many only think of big developments, something that only the big boys would do but in fact there are several property development platforms around, so lets run through them here. Lets start from the small scale work our way up!           Granny Flat You own a fair size piece of land with a bit of wasted space at the back. It’s not big enough to totally subdivide... View Article