Who Is Manuel Jardim


manuel-jardimHi, my name is Manuel Jardim, Founder of Jardim Property located in Perth Western Australia and developer since 2005.

I have over a decade of experience in the Property arena both on projects for myself, fellow investors and clients, constantly honing my ever growing experience in the Development World –which is not for the faint hearted.

My passion lies in helping our clients achieve superb results from there developments and this can only be achieved by being honest, transparent and ethical in the process. I don’t recommend an opportunity to a client that I wouldn’t do myself…. This is how I operate!

I thrive on the adrenalin of putting deals together for my clients that show great returns and for my investors that trust me to put together a healthy return on their investment.

It has to be a WIN – WIN situation otherwise nobody WINS!

When I’m not being a developer I’m a proud father to 3 beautiful children with my lovely wife. I love spending quality time with my family whether that been taking the kids to sport practice, helping them with homework or simply running around at the park.

I enjoy hitting the pavement for a run to unwind from the daily pressures of business along with a few sessions in the gym to remind myself of the good old days when I was competing overseas and it also helps keeping the body and mind fit. I’m a very proud dad with my son at only 9 years old achieving his black belt, which takes a lot of commitment, dedication to the sport and obviously a great support base by mum and dad.