Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition

What do I do with my land?

So you’ve been sitting on a prime property for years, waiting for the market to grow around you so when the time was right you can develop and reap the rewards for your patience’s….. Right!

But something is missing from this equation your thinking:

But HOW do you do it?

Where do you start, who do you contact, what is required, are all questions that need to be answered so your development is a success.


We’re Here to Help

Jardim is actively involved in the sourcing of projects on behalf of our clients. This involves identifying properties suitable for future development through both the open market and off market. In many instances Jardim’s most profitable projects are identified and purchased through off-market transactions effectively providing our clients with development and investment opportunities which might otherwise not be available.

Jardim conducts detailed feasibility analysis to determine the viability of each specific project and negotiates the acquisition of profitable projects.

Our team conducts in depth feasibility analysis of all projects presented to us that goes through a very carefully planned process to ensure it meets our requirements in providing our clients the return we expect in such a project.

Our passion lies in creating residential community hubs that are environmentally friendly, community oriented and offers the locals a sense of belonging. We review each opportunity with an open mind as to what would suit the area, location and most importantly work in with the surrounding community. No two developments are the same and we will consider all sites on their own merits.

Jardim Property are in the position to purchase development sites outright or develop properties under a joint venture arrangement with landowners. We have a history of joint venture successes which have resulted in all parties achieving financial returns beyond what may have been achieved with an outright sale.

If you have a property that you’d like to sell or joint venture with a professional team that you believe may suit our guidelines please feel free to contact us to discuss.

To the aspiring investors who would like to invest into these opportunities but don’t know how to get started, then please give us a call and let’s have a chat on how we can build a rewarding and lasting business relationship.

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