Property Development

Property Development

OK so you consider yourself a real estate investor and your eager to move to the next level and get involved in property development!

Most investors think something like “lets buy an old house or a block of land, we’ll demolish anything if required and build as many as we can fit on the plot. Then we’ll decide whether to sell all of them or keep some before we move on to the next project.”

It sounds so simply anyone can do this!

However there is a lot more than meets the eye in the development process than what you see happening around you on sites.

It’s proven that the success of any property development is underpinned right from the very beginning before construction has even commenced.

Allow Jardim to show you the way!

Professional developers follow a systemised and strategically thought out process of steps…… from the opportunity presenting itself to the time invested into conducting feasibility analysis right through to assessing how long the project will take to complete and costs associated with the construction and timeframe.

The development process of each project is catered to suit each client and project at hand, we don’t offer a cookie cutter approach but our team at Jardim Property have create a 8 Step Process to read through and make the exercise smoother.

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