How to Maximise your Selling Price

We see it time and time and that only once owners decide to sell that only then do they finally get around to doing the odd the jobs around the home that they’ve been putting off for years.

Painting the eaves, replacing the broken fence panel, ceiling paint that is flaking, redoing the paving that sinking in spots are just a few of the tasks that get added to the list…… I’ll do that one day!

The little jobs will costs you thousands if neglected!

In today’s market it is paramount that when preparing your home for sale, these so called  ‘little jobs’ aren’t neglected as they will have a drastic effect on the potential sale price.  This is because buyers typically notice the little jobs too, a broken fence panel can be cheaply repaired or replaced, yet can loom large in the buyer’s mind as what else has the owner neglected throughout the home.

Always Present the Home to SELL!

Obviously, each property and circumstance evaluates a variety of options for sellers when preparing to sell. Any agent will tell you to achieve the best price you need to present the property in its best condition….. Pretty Simple!

Paint out bright colours on internal walls, de-clutter by storing away trinkets and excess family photos, clear the fridge of magnets and kids’ school art and place items neatly in storage cupboards.

Small things do make a difference. Paint and gardens are two areas of focus that can make a disproportionate difference to the selling price (relative to their cost and the effort involved).

These tasks can usually be completed by the home owner which helps keep costs down and can make an amazing difference to the presentation of the home and therefore the price of the property.

AVOID Over-Capitalising

Of course, you need to be cautious about “over-capitalising” when preparing to sell. Replacing a bathroom and renovating a kitchen are expensive and, depending on the property and its location, may prove counterproductive in the effort to achieve the best price.

If your property is under the median house price in your area, then renovating the kitchen and bathroom or replacing the floor coverings becomes a worth while exercise. However if your home is already pricing at the median house price, then you want to be careful of not overspending on items as this could simply be a loss investment.