Planning your Project Development is Vitally Important

Let me ask you this question…… “when you go on your next vacation – would you have a plan in place or simply jump on the next plane and where it lands Yahoo!”

NO – of course you plan your vacation from the very beginning, what day you’ll leave, the time of the flight, time you arrive, accommodation, transport, right to the very end and what day you leave and arrive back home. It’s all planned ahead of schedule, full itinerary of sight seeing, adventures, shopping trips, whatever your desire it is all planned and noted so you know exactly what to expect.

Now that vacation may only be a small drop of $$$’s compared to what a property development can require so why would you even consider taking any short cuts in the process…… it would be absolutely ruthless to do anything of this magnitude without a plan in place.

Everything in life starts with a plan without you even realising it’s happening. You get up have shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, have breakfast, get in the car and drive to work etc etc….. this is a plan you already have manifested in your head. You know that every morning you have a set plan to follow and if you don’t something will get left behind.

Property Development is vitally important that you have a set plan to follow because one thing left behind could cost you millions.

I have clients say can’t you just have a quick glance over the numbers and tell me yay or nay…. Absolutely NOT. We appreciate that the entire process may seem somewhat overwhelming but having a plan in place before you get started and most importantly following each step will save you a lot of heart ache in the long run.